Easiest installation

These solution are easy all will be able to handle a personnal website traffic. For more robust and secure solutions, see Apache and Nginx setups.

10 seconds setup (if you know Python already)

Just type:

pip install zerobin
zerobin --host --port 80 --compressed-static # as admin

30 seconds setup (for anybody)

  • Make sure you have Python 2.7 or 3.4+ (python –version)

  • Download the last zip of the source code

  • Extract all of it where you wish the site to be stored.

  • Go to the extracted files.

  • Run with the admin rights:

    python zerobin.py --host --port 80 --compressed-static

On ubuntu, this is a one liner:

wget stuff && unzip zerobin.zip && cd zerobin && sudo python zerobin.py --host --port 80 --compressed-static

Check out for more configuration options.

Run 0bin in background

0bin doesn’t come with something built in for this. You have several solutions.

For a small website:

Just make it a shell background process. E.G in GNU/Linux:

nohup python zerobin.py --host --port 80 --compressed-static &

Or run it in a screen.

For a big Website:


You can even use zerobin on your private local network from your laptop.

Make sure you firewall won’t block the port, and run:

python zerobin.py --host --port 8000

0bin will now be accessible from http://your.local.ip.address:8000.

This can be very cool way to share code in a companie or during a code sprint.